Stavonga Cavaliers

New arrivals



Soon we will have the strength
to run you ragged!

2014 Etty
Stavonga Silhouette (1RCC) x Ricksbury Royal Astronomer (Christopher)
produced 6 wonderful babies 5 boys and 1 girl!

Those little piggies have had
it all Mum!

Feeding Time!


L- R Joey, Boris, Leo,
Ollie, Cooper, Sky


Dad - Ricksbury Royal Astronomer


'Boris' a promising star (6 months)

Sky (8 months)


Sizzzler and Angel Eyes
taking their lessons

I wasn't really dirty…



Leo winning his first class!



Previous Nursery photos

December 22nd 2007 saw Stavonga Phoebe give birth to 5 beautiful babies - all boys!  What a handful!  These lovely puppies are sired by Ch. Aranel Cosmic - well done to both parents!!

Lilly's 2006 litter...

Young hopefuls from 2003...

Puppies for 2003

Young hopefuls for 2003...

Young hopefuls for 2003...

Young hopefuls for 2003...

Above puppies pedigree :

Ch Ricksbury Camilla of Stavonga X Ch Loranka's Celebration

Puppies for 2003

Ricksbury Royal Orchid for Stavonga X Ch Volney Quest

Well not so new now!, but I do like these photos of my promising Hopefuls for the new Millennium so I have kept them on the Nursey page

Camilla's puppies These adorable new hopefuls took their place in the ring during the first year of our new Millennium.

These puppies were the first litter from my Ch Ricksbury Camilla of Stavonga X Ch Ricksbury Tommy JW

Three Blenheim females and one Blenheim male born September 1999.

Camilla's puppies Camilla's puppies

Well not to be out done Vicky followed up with her first litter, two males and one female again all blenheims born in October 1999

Hurleaze Truly Royal at Stavonga X Ch Ricksbury Royal Mistic

Vicky's puppies

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